Xayn Nazerally (they/them) is a multi-medium experimental artist, curator, and musician. ​

While they are currently based in San Diego, California, Xayn has experience with international and multicultural arts communities based in Kenya, the U.A.E., Mexico and India with a focus on LGBTQIA+ subculture. 

Currently, they are the Art Director for

The Brown Building - a community center in City Heights specifically catering to Black and brown trans people, and the broader queer community. 

Their aim is to build a self-sufficient space for queer youth to feel safe, learn arts and life skills as well as have safe access to food, gender-affirming care, and other necessities. 

In addition to their work with The Brown Building, Xayn is the owner and Creative Director of  Quiet Type.  

Current Positions

2021 -

Art Director - The Brown Building

2020 - 

Owner / Creative Director - Quiet Type

Curated Events


"Identity" - The Brown Building 

Pastelle Bonito, Nicholas Clavelo, Lawrence Butler, Atlas Pante, Kim Sweeney, Neville Greene, Moses Cabrera, Tori-Lynne Davis, Tony Carter, Eliza Lopez


"Familial" - Weird Hues 

Lora Mathis, Marina Grize + Lissa Corona,

Avia Rose Ramm, Mauro Donate, OOGLIOO, Atlas Pante, Pastelle Bonito, Chump,  T. Jay Santa Ana, Ale Dehoyos, Dylan Wilde 


"High Art" - Green Gold Lounge

Various Artists


"Dark Daze" - Gelato Vero 

Various Artists


Benefit Show - The Brown Building

Tarrah Aroonsakool, Lauren McCarthy, Xayn Naz, T. Jay Santa Ana

Additional Experience / Skills

Art direction, videography, graphic design, photography, event planning/direction 


"Resilience" - The Brown Building 

Arnold Baretto, Xochi Perez , Tarrah Aroonsakool, Marina Grize, Gwen Miramontes, Anthony Carter,